Updated: 8-Mar-2021

If you’re struggling to make the most of your outdoor space you should take a look at these design tips for a small garden. How small is a small garden? Every garden could do with a little more space so a lot of the advice here will be useful even if you like to think of your garden as almost large

What do top garden designers say?

The infographic shows advice from top garden designers interviewed by Wayfair.co.uk. They were asked to give their best tips for creating an impressive garden in the smallest of spaces.

The advice they share covers all aspects of designing for a small garden. There are clever ideas to make a small garden look larger, plus they point out what to avoid. You’ll find the theme of creating the illusion of space running throughout every aspect of the whole infographic.

I particularly recommend the advice to use levels to make the space more dynamic – this can really stand out in a small garden whereas in a larger garden changes of level often occur over too large an area to affect how you experience the space. This is where a small garden can really outshine its larger neighbours!

You’ll find advice on both the hard landscaping such as the direction to lay paving for maximum effect and recommendations for plants suited to small gardens. Hurray for evergreens! A small space looks good with bold foliage and a small number of over-sized planters. So Think Big and avoid the clutter of too many small pots. These are the tricks of the trade we need to know!

Small garden

These garden designers give good honest advice throughout, showing how you can create a garden for any budget. If you’ve got the funds you can go out and buy everything you need for quick results but you don’t have to spend a fortune. These designers are all for recycled materials, waiting for young plants to grow and buying a pot of paint instead of a new fence.

Expert design tips for a small garden

small garden design infographic

Source: Wayfair.co.uk

Listen to the garden designers. It’s possible to create an impressive space in a restricted area by following these design tips for a small garden. You could also take a look at what you can do with a vertical garden so that you’re making the most of the 3d space.

Make your garden a place to be, good luck!

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