Updated: 27-Sep-2016

When you click links and purchase items I may receive a referral commission. It doesn’t affect the price you pay whatsoever. In fact, sometimes I’ve negotiated a lower price (or bonus) that you won’t find elsewhere. I just get pennies for each sale but it helps me keep blogging. So thank you  :)

In compliance with statutory guidelines, please assume the following about all links, posts, photos and other material on this website: any of the links on this website may be affiliate links for which natureholdsthekey.com receives a small commission from the retailer for any sales. This doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on the price that you pay.

What is an affiliate link?

You’ve probably found affiliate links on many other websites too. An affiliate link contains a special tracking code to show the retailer that the referral came from natureholdsthekey.com. It’s not downloaded to your computer and doesn’t follow you around – it just tells the retailer where the link was clicked. When you purchase an item through these links I may make a small commission.

The price of the item is the same for you whether or not you buy through an affiliate link. If you buy through the affiliate links on natureholdsthekey.com you’re helping me to keep blogging. Commissions help maintain the website and I hope that at the end of the month there’s some left over too. So once again, thank you.

When do I use affiliate links?

If I post an affiliate link for a product, it’s something that I would still recommend without an affiliate link. I also disclose if I am affiliated with a company in any other way. My first priority is always to provide resources that help you enjoy a more natural life. I only ever link to products or resources that fit within this aim.

I haven’t received free products or anything else from the manufacturer or anyone else in exchange for mentioning their products. The only compensation I get is in the form of affiliate commissions.

Nature of affiliate relationships

Please note that you’re buying these products in the usual way from third party companies not from natureholdsthekey.com. I don’t have any financial interest in these companies or have any influence over them. If you have any problems with a specific product purchased through an affiliate link you should contact the company concerned in the usual way.

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