Updated: 7-Mar-2021

Eco friendly gifts add back meaning to what has become a traditional plastic splurge. Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year but for our little blue planet it can be the most destructive. No one wants to receive another addition to the plastic problem that is harming us all.

Remember that Christmas is not all about giving gifts and no one asks for tat! Choose well to show those who mean the most that you care about them and the impact on our world.

There is sure to be something here that they will love and something to give them a surprise too πŸ™‚

20 cool eco friendly gifts

  1. Sheep-beeswax-candle

    Sheep beeswax candle
    available from Etsy UK

  2. Ladies-cork-purse

    Ladies cork purse with geometric design
    available from Etsy UK

  3. Brass-picture-frames

    Brass 5 x 7″ picture frame
    available from Ethical Superstore

  4. Rusty-hears-interlocked-garden-ornament

    Rusty interlocked hearts garden ornament
    available from Etsy UK

  5. Mandala-Large-Cushion-Cover-With-Pom-Poms

    Mandala large cushion cover with pom poms
    available from Ethical Superstore

  6. Handmade-soaps-for-him

    Detox charcoal soap handmade for him
    available from Etsy UK

  7. Recycled-glass-soap-dish

    Soapdish made from recycled glass
    available from Ethical Superstore

  8. Handmade-Japanese-Kurinuki-Style-Cup-Rock-Mug

    Handmade Japanese Kurinuki style rock cup
    available from Etsy UK

  9. Sheepskin-rug

    Ashen grey sheepskin rug
    available from Etsy UK

  10. Give the gift of hygge – that is the Danish word for a cosy and caring atmosphere

  11. Pure-new-wool-fishbone-throw-mustard

    Pure new wool fishbone throw in mustard
    available from Etsy UK

  12. Indoor-herb-garden-kit

    Indoor herb garden kit
    available from Etsy UK

  13. Handmade-pewter-spitfire-cufflinks

    Personalised spitfire cufflinks handmade in pewter
    available from Etsy UK

  14. Bicycle-pizza-cutter

    Bicycle pizza cutter
    available from Ethical Superstore

  15. Bee-gift-set

    Everything for the bees gift set
    available from Etsy UK

  16. Lilac-trinket-box

    Handmade lilac trinket box
    available from Etsy UK

  17. Bee-barrel-hotel

    Bee barrel hotel
    available from Ethical Superstore

  18. Oak-tree

    English oak tree 60-80cm tall in biodegradable root bag
    available from Etsy UK

  19. Upcycled-Corona-Sol-bottle-glasses

    4 upcycled Corona / Sol bottle glasses
    available from Etsy UK

  20. Upcycled-fire-extinguiser-toilet-roll-holder

    Upcycled fire extinguisher toilet roll holder
    available from Etsy UK

  21. Round-jute-rug

    100% jute rug made in India 90cm
    available from Ethical Superstore

I hope you have found something that is just right for the ones you love. Have I at least sparked a few ideas?

You can find all these gifts and many more in this Pinterest board Gifts for a Greener World.

Here are some more ideas for eco friendly gifts just for the gardener in your life.

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