Updated: 16-Mar-2021

Take a moment to consider some easy ecofriendly new year resolutions that you know you can commit to. Anyone can make these mini resolutions. Small changes that make a difference for a healthier life and planet plus save you money too.

A resolution has a chance of working if you decide to take specific steps. Especially if they’re small steps. Don’t just come out with vague waffle about ‘going to be greener’. Decide the actions that you’re going to take! Ok?

Pick one or two of these resolutions and make it a habit. Here’s to the new you!

Keep it mini – 7 ecofriendly New Year resolutions

  1. Select fruit and vegetables that are in season and not shipped from the other side of the world. Or how about growing your own?

  2. Make the switch to LED lights. They cost much less to run and they last much longer than any other bulb. They last so long they even come with a guarantee.

  3. Take your holidays closer to home and avoid travelling by air if you can. Whatever the weather you’ll know you’ve done your bit at reducing your carbon footprint.

Aeroplane vintage
  1. Start using natural cleaning products. They’re not just a healthier option for us they have a much smaller impact on the environment. Begin by replacing just one item in your cleaning routine, how easy is that?

    If you’re ready to get more involved then how about making your own cleaning products?

  2. Run your washing machine on a cooler setting to save electricity. To make an even bigger impact on the environment ditch your dryer and consider the option of line-drying your clothes.

  3. Where there’s a choice, select products with minimal or no packaging. This resolution applies to every aspect of your life but perhaps nowhere more so than in the kitchen. Make this new year resolution a habit by incorporating it into your weekly shop. Take a look at this article for more tips on achieving zero waste in the kitchen.

No junk mail
  1. Have a routine to deal with junk mail, don’t wait till it lands on the doormat. Instead of throwing it in the bin (or even the recycling bin) aim to cut down the amount you receive in the first place. Here are some steps you can take to plan ahead in order to reduce junk mail:

    • Return junk mail to sender and ask to unsubscribe from their list.
    • In the UK visit the Mail Preference Service to remove your name from the main junk mail culprits.
    • The Royal Mail gives further options for the UK – take a look from time to time because it does come up with better options.

If you make some mini ecofriendly new year resolutions this year then next year you can think about making a bigger one – make your own compost.

(And when you do you can shred any junk mail that you still get and add it to the compost heap)


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