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The garden takes you out of the built-up world and lets you connect with nature. It’s a place to lose yourself in a whole range of activities. Or you can just sit back and enjoy the greenery. Then at the end of the day you can look at what you’ve done and see what you’ve achieved (and taste it too if you’re growing fruit or vegetables).

Expert design tips for a small garden

Expert design tips for a small garden (infographic)

Design tips for a small garden by top garden designers. How to create an impressive garden with plants and landscaping in a small space.
Autumn garden jobs

Last minute autumn garden jobs (infographic)

It's easy to leave Autumn garden jobs to the last minute. Focus on the essentials to clear away the Summer and get ready for the Spring.
benefits of a vertical garden

12 convincing benefits of a vertical garden

Maximising space is only one of the benefits of a vertical garden. Planting upwards opens up design possibilities and it's ecofriendly too.

9 ways to prepare your garden for climate change

Prepare your garden for climate change to withstand more extreme weather, shifting weather patterns and unpredictable seasons.
Garden Tags free gardening app

Garden Tags – a new free gardening app

Garden Tags is a new social-networking app for gardeners. It's a community for expert advice and inspiration and sharing your own garden.

Maximise yields in an edible balcony garden

How to get more space and grow more plants on a balcony garden. Plan to maximise yields with more food in less space and still have flowers.

8 important secrets for growing herbs

Growing herbs connects you with nature, they transform your cooking and you can use them in so many ways all round the home.

26 ways to attract birds to your garden

Attract birds to your garden with food, water and shelter for the life they add, and don't forget how good they are at controlling pests.
Balcony garden wall art feature

11 inspiring examples of balcony garden wall art

Balcony garden wall art can transform a dull wall into an important element. Aim for balance, somewhere to rest your eyes among the greenery.

10 garden recipes for natural pesticides that work

Natural pesticides are a proven way to tackle pests in the garden without toxic chemicals. Most use a simple approach and simple ingredients.