Updated: 8-Mar-2021

Garden Tags is a great almost new (it’s over a year now since it came out!) gardening app that’s set to become an indispensable resource. It’s truly multi-purpose and very useful. You also get to join in with a wider community of gardeners – asking advice from the experts and showing off your successes.

Social-networking for gardeners

It’s like Instagram in that it all begins when you upload a photo – but Garden Tags offers so much more. Read on…

Here are the key features, and there are a lot of them 🙂

  • Keep and share a photographic record of every plant in your garden
  • Keep and share a photographic record of your garden through the seasons
  • Receive automated tasks and reminders for each plant
  • Search the plant encyclopedia for plant care information
  • Get inspiration and advice from other gardeners – the app introduces you to novices as well as experts
  • Identify unknown plants
  • Connect with gardeners based on your interests and your experience level
Garden Tags app

Future updates for Garden Tags?

The app is UK-wide but for some reason I believed it would be more locally focused. It would be useful to get advice from gardeners with local knowledge about what grows well on my sandy soil next to the sea. Or a heads-up when frost is due. Maybe that will happen in a future release… I’ll keep you posted.

Altogether the app is an all-round powerhouse to help you take care of your garden. I can see it being particularly useful for me to share my design changes as my garden goes from zero to Sixth Wonder of the World…

Please take a look at what I’m doing in my own little garden. My username on the app is NatureHoldsTheKey – be sure to say Hi.

Garden Tags looks like a very friendly app with a friendly price: Free


Available to download from iOS and Android

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