Updated: 8-Mar-2021

A green Halloween will save the environment from the same old landfill nightmare. You can still throw yourself into a fun celebration without turning your front garden into a fluorescent plastic graveyard that never really goes away.

A fluorescent plastic graveyard
that never really goes away

Here are some eco-friendly tips to make this Halloween less scary for the planet, and easier on your wallet too.

How to have an ecofriendly Halloween

  1. Buy an organic pumpkin and don’t throw away the seeds.

    A pumpkin is the centrepiece of Halloween celebrations. After you’ve crafted the perfect lantern don’t discard the ‘guts’. Scoop out the pulp to use for pies, muffins, soup or other pumpkin recipes. The seeds make a great snack or you can save them to plant next year. If there’s anything left after all these possibilities add it to the compost heap. This is where you should put the rest of your pumpkin when Halloween is over.

  2. Halloween is a festival of light and darkness so some sort of lighting is all part of the fun. The same savings are even more important when you’re using light simply for decoration. Choose solar-powered or these pretty LED lights.

    LED fairy lights

  3. Make your own trick-or-treat bag instead of buying one of those orange plastic pumpkins. You could use reusable shopping bags or go traditional with an old pillowcase. Use some ingenuity and you might find the perfect bag for your costume in a charity shop, such as a garish 1970s style handbag that you wouldn’t be seen dead with…

  4. Many Halloween costumes in the shops are made from plastic and synthetic materials designed with disposal in mind. Instead Look for a green Halloween costume made from natural fabrics.

    If you’ve got a little free time take a look at these tutorials to make your own costume.

  5. Many of the decorations sold on the high street are made of non-recyclable plastics. Look for durable non-petroleum-based items that you’ll be able to use in future years too.

    If you’re aiming for zero waste consider natural décor that can be composted when Halloween is over instead of sending it to landfill. Look at this round-up of easy tutorials to explore this freedom to include natural produce in your décor.

    Could you make your own decorations to avoid buying even more cheap plastic regalia?

  1. Hand out organic treats with less packaging. Are you brave enough to open up a pack of [easyazon_link identifier=”B00D9826NE” locale=”UK” tag=”crosswebideas-21″]Mixed Critters[/easyazon_link]?

  2. Children’s make up can contain lead and other toxic materials so look for organic products. Or take a look at these tutorials to make your own face paint and fake blood.

Invite your friends to a green Halloween party

  1. Have yourself a great green Halloween party. You can care about the world and still have fun! Use [easyazon_link identifier=”B01F8032HE” locale=”UK” tag=”crosswebideas-21″]sustainable cutlery[/easyazon_link] and bamboo fibre tableware – one of the available colours is orange 🙂

    Choose well and whatever you wake up to the next morning won’t be going to landfill.

    It’s not just Halloween and it’s not just a party – it’s an opportunity to show everyone that an eco-friendly lifestyle can be fun.

  2. You’re probably reading this before Halloween, aren’t you? When it’s all over you can pack away your costume for another year (or donate it to your local charity shop). But for now, get ready to party!

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