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Green living is a lifestyle choice where we use resources in a way that causes the least damage to the world around us. It chimes perfectly with the natural home and enjoyment of nature. To follow every aspect of a green lifestyle takes commitment but you can find tips here that anyone can fit into their daily life – you don’t have to try them all to make a difference!


5 key elements of a green home

Consider eco-friendly construction methods and materials for a green home. You can make savings for yourself and the planet.
Recycle junk mail

35 unique and practical ideas to recycle junk mail brilliantly

Recycle junk mail into something creative or practical, don't just drop it into a recycling bin. Be brilliant, ingenious and crafty :)
Newspapers recycling

19 original ways to recycle newspapers

Clever ways to recycle newspapers rather than dropping them in a recycling bin. Ideas range from the practical to the crafty and creative.
Ecofriendly new year resolutions

7 easy ecofriendly New Year resolutions

Ecofriendly new year resolutions that are easy to commit to. Small changes to make a difference for you and the planet, plus save you money.
Reduce toxins at home

12 ways to reduce toxins at home

It’s not easy to reduce toxins at home but we spend most of our time there so attack the problem on all fronts and the little changes add up.

23 ways to save the world with beeswax

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees. It has a multitude of surprising uses making it indispensable for every home.
Cut-down-on-plastic dinosaur

20 ways to cut down on plastic

We need to cut down on plastic to reduce what we send to landfill, rivers and the ocean. These tips are for the little things that mount up.

6 recipes for natural cleaners that work

Natural cleaners get the job done without harming you or the environment. They’re just as strong as brands that end with the letter ‘X.

20 tips to achieve zero food waste

We need to aim for zero food waste to reduce the tons that are sent to landfill. Tips to tackle the snacks as well as healthy home-cooking.

15 ways to keep warm this winter

It's vital to keep warm in winter. Here are 15 easy tips to keep warm without wasting fuel. Some for now and some to help you prepare.