Green Living

Green living is a lifestyle choice where we use resources in a way that causes the least damage to the world around us. It chimes perfectly with the natural home and enjoyment of nature. To follow every aspect of a green lifestyle takes commitment but you can find tips here that anyone can fit into their daily life – you don’t have to try them all to make a difference!


20 natural ways to make your home smell fresh

Households generate bad smells, synthetic scents just make it worse and pollute your home. Time to go natural to make your home smell fresh.

10 good reasons for line drying clothes

Line drying is cheaper and simpler than using a dryer but gives your laundry a luxurious fresh feeling. And it's fresh air for you too.

15 tips for a zero-waste kitchen

A zero-waste kitchen is at the heart of minimising your impact on the planet. You have to tackle everything from appliances to cling film.

9 natural ways to get rid of wasps

There are natural and simple steps to get rid of wasps without harming the environment. Try these now and prepare yourself for next year too.
Green halloween

9 tips for a green Halloween

A green Halloween saves the world from death by landfill. These eco-friendly tips make it less scary for the environment and your pocket.