Updated: 8-Mar-2021

Interior design apps let you play with and expand your ideas without wasting so much as a drop of paint.

Stop wasting test pots and try it out on your phone.
It’s more fun too

The designs we come up with in our heads don’t always look so good in reality. That’s where apps come in.

Some of these apps create a full 3d plan of your room, others focus on specific tasks such as recording dimensions or hanging pictures straight. The key is to use what works for you, when you need it to.

These are the top 5 free interior design apps as voted for by me. The apps I turn to when I want to get things done. Add them to your toolbox, try them out and use those you like best.

Interior design apps

  1. Dulux Visualizer

    Dulux visualizer interior design apps

    Available on iOS and Android

    This is one of those dream apps that let you pick a colour from anywhere. But with the help of augmented reality it makes the colours come alive in your room. So it’s like infinite digital test pots – and you’re not wasting paint or packaging. Just hold the phone steady, the app identifies the distance between the wall and your furniture then ‘paints’ the wall.

  2. Photo Measures Lite

    Photo measures lite interior design apps

    Available on iOS and Android

    Photo Measures lets you take photos and type measurements on top. So instead of writing down all the dimensions on a separate bit of paper you include all the information on the photo.

    It sounds so simple and it is.

  3. MagicPlan

    Magic plan interior design apps

    Available on iOS and Android

    This app measures your rooms and draws a floor plan just by taking photos. It maps out the room with great accuracy so you always have the right measurements when you need them. You can add furniture, annotations and other features from the library to make it even more accurate for your room

  4. Home Design 3D

    homedesign3d interior design apps

    Available on iOS and Android

    Start out with a basic floor plan. Add rooms, windows and furniture then click on the 3D button. In 3D mode you can perfect your simulation by adding walls, finishes and floor options. There are two free versions and a paid one with extra features.

The best of all interior design apps is a little tool

  1. iHandy Level

    ihandy Level interior design apps

    Available on iOS and Android

    This is one of the most basic tools you could have on your phone. It’s essential for so many things such as putting up shelves or hanging a picture. How many times have you put up a picture, stood back and said  ‘It doesn’t look straight’? You get it right first time with this sensitive app.

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