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The natural home is somewhere we can feel the comforts and inspiration of nature. Our choices help create an improved living environment for ourselves in our homes and for the planet. But most of all the natural home is somewhere that feels good to be.

Natural ingredients for a great terrarium

7 natural ingredients for a great terrarium

Choose natural ingredients for a great terrarium and a perfect ecosystem. A terrarium thrives on neglect so no need for plastic time-savers.
Care for your houseplants

9 ways to kill or care for your houseplants

Do you want to care for your houseplants or kill them? Look at what you could do to finish them off and you’ll see how to keep them alive.
Natural fibres

5 places to use natural fibres in your home

Natural fibres bring nature into your home. They can work as a statement in so many places and can blend into the background.

16 tips to upcycle furniture for a new lease of life

Upcycle furniture and reduce waste going to landfill. Upcycling not only extends the life of a product but makes it unique.
Upcycled apple crates

10 upcycled apple crates for your creative inspiration

Upcycled apple crates provide vintage magic. They add simple charm to their new role, plus you're keeping waste out of landfill too.
LED lights

10 reasons you should switch to LED lights

LED lights are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Prices are down more than 80% in the last 5 years. You can even get a 5-year warranty.
Houseplants for clean air

Top 11 houseplants for clean air

We can use houseplants for clean air not just decoration. NASA has studied the best plants for filtering toxic chemicals from our air.
wood floor

8 reasons to love a wood floor

A wood floor adds to the natural harmony in your home. It costs more up-front than carpet but it's eco-friendly and lasts longer.

Knobs galore for your furniture upcycling projects

Knobs are the finishing touch for your upcycled furniture, with the power to transform into something totally different.
Natural wallart flower

9 ideas for beautiful natural wallart

Good natural wallart is made from nature and represents it too. Use it to reflect your style, make a room inviting and open up conversation.