Updated: 16-Mar-2021

It’s not easy to reduce toxins at home but you can make a difference. Home is where we spend most of our lives so if you attack the problem on many fronts all those little changes can add up to something significant for your health over time.

Toxic chemicals are present in almost every article we bring into the home, from what we put on the floor to the clothes we put next to our skin. And the the products we use to keep it all ‘clean’.

So what can you do?

This post is a round-up of everything you know you shold be doing. It’s not one of those situations where you can pick one item and see results. It takes everything together to make an impact.

And when it comes to toxins don’t forget the chemicals in the food we eat – it all comes through the front door and makes a home in our sanctuary.

It’s hard to target specific chemicals in order to limit exposure to individual toxins. So the best approach is to aim at reducing the overall level of all toxins in the home.

  1. Only use natural cleaning products, or make your own cleaning products using safe ingredients.

  2. Ask visitors and family members to leave shoes at the door. This will cut down on toxins from outside being tracked inside on the soles of people’s shoes.

  3. Avoid using chemicals in the garden. It’s not just better for your garden but the residue ends up back indoors on the soles of your shoes or on the produce you bring into the home.

  4. Avoid using chemical products for pest control. There are safe, non-toxic alternatives that have stood the test of time.

  5. Use houseplants known to reduce toxins. It’s hard to believe but we have NASA to thank for the research that proves how active plants can be in removing harmful substances from the air…

  6. If you use an air conditioner or filter remember to clean or change the filters on a regular basis. Otherwise you’re just adding the power of machines to generate more nasties.

  7. Cut down on the toxins in your toiletries. Read the labels and switch to natural brands or make your own.

  8. A huge source of toxins is the ‘air freshener’ market. Avoid the synthetic fragrances found in dryer sheets, fabric softeners and other products. It’s worth choosing natural methods to make your home smell fresh.

Reduce toxins at home by filtering the water you use for everything, not just for drinking

  1. Install a water filter instead of endlessly filling up those jugs.

  2. Consider the longer-term choices when they next come around – opt for low-VOC paints, wood oils and natural floor coverings. These are materials that will form part of your environment for years to come. Is your home a victim to choices that were taken long in the past? For example, take a look at this thorough resource on investigating lead.

  3. Use a natural roomspray around the home to absorb rather than mask odours, toxins and moisture.

  4. Chemicals aren’t the only culprits – don’t forget nature’s toxins, such as spores from mould and mildew. Tackle these sorts of problems with natural recipes rather than chemical weapons. If you’re faced with mould and mildew scrub the area then use 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil in a spray bottle with 2 cups of water. You won’t find a stronger weapon 🙂

There’s no one answer to reduce toxins at home. The key is to do it all, safe in the knowledge that given enough time it all adds up.

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