Updated: 8-Mar-2021

Upcycled apple crates add a rustic air to your home. They give a touch of laid-back cool and a little bit more… Recycling just reuses the materials. But likr in this post about furniture I show that upcycling gives a simple crate a new life while still bringing out age-worn charm. That is the magic that upcycled objects add to your home.

Upcycling doesn’t just look good, it’s a great way to reduce the waste that goes to landfill

Of course ‘apples aren’t the only fruit’. If you’re looking for crates you’ll find rustic containers for all types of produce.

I want to thank everyone who created these wonderful examples. You’ve inspired me, I hope other people are inspired too.

  1. The colour of the fabric on this stool is perfect. Plain, natural and rustic hessian. I’ve seen other upholstered apple crates but the fabric often looks too elaborate for unfinished wood.

Upcycled apple crates on wheels

  1. This is a great shape, I’d like it even more with a central shelf (or two). And wouldn’t it be wonderful with an apple-crate drawer – you know with a hint of vintage text?

    Here’s a tutorial for a small bookcase which is kind of similar.

  2. I like the corks filling the central niche. Other good options would be country treasures such as conkers, nuts or pinecones.


    A photo posted by RAM Designs (@ramd3signs) on

    If you want to make something like this take a look at this tutorial to make your own apple crates. For most projects you’ll only need a single crate which you might come across at a farmer’s market or a flea market. If you can’t wait or you need them all to look the same you can get apple crates from Etsy.

    You could add a sheet of glass to the top but that would give you a less rustic feel.

Not the whole crate

  1. This is simple and cute.

  2. These ‘demi’ storage boxes are wonderful space-savers.


    A photo posted by Toodlepip (@toodlepiphq) on

Boxes on a wall

  1. Floating apple crates, a perfect balance of rustic charm and sophisticated design.

  2. A very original blackboard. The shallow style of crate works great.

  3. I like how this design uses crates in lots of different directions for a varied pattern. It might be tempting to drape one or two boxes with fairylights or paint them white.

    Take a look at this tutorial for an easy-to-make large display unit.

  4. Creative harmony of rough-painted wood and glitzy lights.

  5. A fun combination of vintage charm and kitsch.

You can find lots more ideas, the crates you need to get started and the completed furniture too from the Etsy store Vintage Apple Crates.

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